From the Director’s Desk

Top private vldd college in haryana

Dr. Gurdial Singh
(Former Vice-Chancellor, LUVAS)
Sanskaram Group of Institutes

The Sanskaram College of Veterinary and Animal Science was established in the year 2020 to impart education and training in Veterinary and Animal Sciences, and also to cater the needs of the farming community of the state of Haryana. The hallmark of the college has been the development of human resources to meet the requirements of the society and to promote the socio-economic development of the region. Our core values of knowledge, character, excellence, integrity, transparency, quality, and teamwork, execution with passion, trust and student-centric learning are closely integrated into our academic programs. The college has been engaged in commendable task of improving the quality of education for better management of animals and disease problems, nutrients, water resources and environment. We wish to encourage and promote research activities and integrate it with the teaching-learning process. We believe in lifelong learning and training leading to benefits of the society.

The college is having collaborative projects within and outside campus with a company called “Accuvance Genetics” which is primarily concerned with improving the genetics of the indigenous by improving and collecting semen from high genetic value bulls and is also actively involved IVF program. The students from college shall get hands on training through “Accuvance Genetics” and shall have ample opportunities to be employed therein. Collaboration with world famous Canine hospitals should provide ample chances for updating their knowledge and skills.

Various educational tours shall be organized to expose the students to different livestock & poultry farms, stud farms, pharmaceuticals, feed and fodder plants, etc.

As Director, I fervently hope that in coming years, we will get more opportunities to expand our educational and research activities in the national and international arena. With excellence in education and research activities, we aim to make our college visible globally. I am confident that we will be able to take this college to the greater height of excellence in the years to come.