The Ambulatory Clinic serves animal farms within a 40 kilometer radius of Jhajjar. Our clinicians offer a variety of on-the-farm services, from individual animal care to herd health. If you can’t bring your animals to the hospital, or simply prefer not to, let us bring our exemplary care to you. Although most of our ambulatory visits occur within 40 kilometer of Jhajjar district, we are happy to travel farther by special arrangement.

We offer a full range of ambulatory services, including:
  • Routine herd health, including vaccinations, parasite control, pregnancy examinations, castration and dehorning.
  • Herd-level disease surveillance testing (Brucellosis, Johne’s, Tuberculosis, Caseous lymphadenitis and more).
  • Treatment of emergency medical issues.
  • Herd disease outbreak investigations.
  • Herd health planning to help improve animal health and efficiency.